Smart and accessible, informative and attractive, insightful and inspiring, Publish Your Photography Book is required reading for anyone who wants to get into the game today.

La Lettre De la Photographie

Whenever I’m asked how to get a book published my immediate response is this: Buy this book! There are no two people that understand the photography publishing work like Himes and Swanson.

Todd Hido, photographer and bookmaker

Whether you’re trying to navigate the traditional publishing world or want to maximize the impact of a self-published book, Himes and Swanson map out the path to take, from concept, through design and production to promotion. This is the book to turn to, over and over.

Larissa Leclair, founder, Indie Photobook Library

Mary Virginia Swanson’s and Darius Himes’ Publish Your Photography Book Seminar is one of the best I have ever attended.  Swan and Darius clarify what it takes to publish and what options are available to the individual photographer. They are uniquely honest and thorough. By the time the seminar was over, I felt I had a new way to think about how to publish and myriad specific sources to call upon. A life changer….

Candace Gaudiani, seminar participant

The book is an integral part of photographic cultural history but has only been recognized as such in recent years.

Martin Parr, photographer, bibliophile, and author

It is the book that lives beyond the time and space limitations of an exhibition. It is the book that, for those who saw the exhibition, is a memento, a time capsule of sorts. And, for those who didn’t have the four-dimensional experience of the exhibition—time, of course, being the fourth—it is the entirety of the idea.

Frish Brandt, Executive Director, Fraenkel Gallery

Himes and Swanson open the doors to the photography publishing industry with this comprehensive title that’s guaranteed to be a useful resource to any photographer. They distill the publishing process with great clarity and style, articulating exactly what it takes to make a successful photo book.

Jen Bekman, Founder of 20x200, Hey, Hot Shot! & Jen Bekman Gallery

This volume is an essential contribution to the growing literature on publishing a photobook.

Gerry Badger, photographer, photographic critic and author

This elegantly designed volume on publishing photography books fills a much needed gap. It is written in a clear and accessible manner with inspiring examples and an abundance of insight from notable figures in the industry. Himes and Swanson bring decades of knowledge and experience from their writing and publishing experience. This is the perfect book for students, artists and photographers everywhere.

Dennis Keeley, Chair of the Photography and Imaging Department at the Art Center College of Design