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Thank You to our contributors

When we first started working on the columns that ran in photo-eye Booklist from 2004-2007, we envisioned quotes and interviews with a wide range of professionals and experts in the fields of publishing and photography. Talking with different editors, publishers, designers and photographers made the column truly interesting and grounded. In preparing the book, we kept that diversity intact. Over 50 contributors appear in our book, from 2 sentence quotes sprinkled along the top edges of pages, to essays and interviews with publishing professionals that run to several pages. These sections are titled Industry Voices and are embedded in each chapter, adding to the complexity and breadth of the book.

Publish Your Photography Book wouldn’t be what it is without these voices from the industry, and we want to thank them publicly!

(listed in order of appearance)

Chapter 1. The Photography Book Phenomenon
Frish Brandt, George Thompson, Martin Parr, Jeffrey Ladd

Chapter 2. The Nuts and Bolts of Publishing
Todd Hido, Dale Stulz, Chris Boot, Jason Fulford, Robert Morton, Michelle Dunn Marsh, Geoff Blackwell, Alexa Becker, Lance Speer, Gary Chassman, Joan Brookbank, Deborah Aaronson, Markus Hartmann, Theresa May, Patricia Fidler, Nancy E Wolff, Raymond Meeks, Jennifer Thompson, Lesley A. Martin, Eileen Gittins, Daniel Milnor, Allison V. Smith

Chapter 3. The Making of Your Book
Sam Abell, Leah Bendavid-Val, Denise Wolff, Andrea Danese, Lorraine Wild, David Chickey, David Skolkin, Bob Aufuldish, Sue Medlicott, Mark Klett

Chapter 4. The Marketing of Your Book
Nan Richardson, Scott-Martin Kosofsky, Joanna Hurley, Chris Pichler, Jane Brown, Shannon Wilkinson, Jo Whaley, Rixon Reed, Roy Flukinger, Daile Kaplan

Chapter 5. Case Studies
Alec Soth, Paula McCartney, David Maisel, Lisa M. Robinson, Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, Sean Perry, John Gossage

And providing fantastic quotes for the back cover are:
Jen Bekman, Gerry Badger, Dennis Keeley

Thank you all!